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September 21, 2016

The Page Family

Boys State Recipients

Glenn Page, Kaylan Page, Brenda Page

The Page family continue to be in the forefront of all Veterans activities including that of the American Legion Post 59 Dunn.

It all began with past Post Commander, Travis Page, who was Commander for six years. He was beloved by the Post members and the community. He served until his untimely passing in 2012.

Son Glenn continues aiding the Post when necessary and using his Bugle to play taps on request.

Granddaughter Kaylan was Poppy Queen twice and is currently a senior in High School.

Brenda Page is on the General Lee board and has just accepted the position as President of the Ladies Auxiliary at the recent ladies night meeting of Post 59.


August 17, 2016

Boys State & Trooper School

Boys State Recipients

Commander Mike Beasley, John Core, Noah Godwin, Cole Cochran, Adam Capps, Dillon Blackman

The August dinner business meeting of American Legion Post 59 Dunn added a very special event to its business program. Guests were invited to have dinner at the Post, knowing full well what was on tap after dinner.

Following the dinner, the guests were welcomed by Post 59 Commander Mike Beasley and he asked all to stand for prayer by Post Chaplin Jeff Stewart.

Mr. Beasley explained to the members that five young men (John Core, Noah Godwin, Cole Cochran, Adam Capps, Jacob Maness) had attended Boys State and one (Dillon Blackman) attended Trooper School. Other guests included the Boys' family and friends. Commander Beasley then turned the meeting over to Activities Chairman John Core, who explained to the Legionaries that each young man will talk of their experiences attending Boys State and Trooper training.

The boys were introduced individually and asked to explain their experiences during the week long school.

Jacob Maness, not pictured, was unable to attend.


July 29, 2016

Honoring Irwin Warren

Irwin Warren

Dept. Judge Advocate Gaither Keener Jr. - Dept. Commander Don Bridges - Irwin Warren - Captain Terry Bragg


North Carolina Department American Legion recently held their convention at the Raleigh Hilton but not without Influence from Dunn Post 59. Nine Post 59 members including Commander Mike Beasley were there to support one of Dunn’s favorite Sons' - Irwin Warren.

Mr. Warren for many years wanted to do something special for WWII veterans. He contacted Past Post 59 Commander Travis Page, now deceased, and worked out a program to honor WWII Veterans. Irwin Warren decided to rent a bus and bring all the WWII Veterans to Washington DC too see the display that honors each and every one.

He went one or two steps further, the bus, lunch, breakfast, the WWII pavilion and the hotel so they could stay overnight. He added one thing more, gifts, his own employees and the total cost for the veterans is Zero! He has done this Year after year and swore he would continue until he could find no more WWII veterans.

Ray Stone Past Commander and Service Officer Post 59 has worked with Irwin in acquiring WWII Veterans to fill the bus.

Irwin Warren was honored at the Legion Convention by hundreds of Legionnaires along with WWII Veterans and the Ladies Auxiliary and guests.

Mr. Warren was the recipient of a plaque, certificate that reads Heroism a medal as seen in the picture and the Flag being presented by Captain Terry Bragg of the USS North Carolina in Wilmington.


July 11, 2016

Honoring Carol Underwood

Carol Underwood

Ray Stone, Carol Underwood


Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6767 met on Monday the Eleventh of July due to the first Monday of the Month being the Fourth.

Meetings are usually held the first Monday of each month. The the high light of the July Fourth meeting was honoring WWII Veteran Carol Underwood VFW member, Officer and cook. Carol received a framed picture of the LST "Landing Ship Tank" that he served on during WWII. He joined as an Electrician but was assigned to a deck gun as the LST traveled through 10 Japanese Islands, one of which is seen in the picture. Mr. Underwood also received a flag that was placed in his honor in the field of honor during the General celebration.


July 5, 2016

Memorial Scholarship !

Memorial Scholarship !

Marian McNamara, Kayla E. Ogletree


Ms. Kayla Ogletree, daughter of Mike and Shelah Ogletree graduated from Triton High School in May and will attend college in the fall. Kayla received a four year Veteran Memorial Scholarship from American Legion Post 59 Dunn.

She visited the home of John and Marian McNamara to thank them for the honor.

John is past Post 59 Commander and Chairman of the Legion scholarship Program.


June 16, 2016

Ladies Night

June Meeting

Frank Stancil (NC Department Adjutant) - Mike Beasley (Post 59 Commander)

Members and guests of American Legion Post 59 Dunn enjoyed a steak dinner at the June meeting and Ladies night. It was also a night to swear in the officers for the ensuing years 2016/2017. Frank Stancil the NC Department Adjutant conducted the officiating and swearing in all the officers for the new year. Mike Beasley is seen receiving the gavel from Frank as he accepts it for another term as Commander of Post 59.

April 19, 2016

The Irish have a saying, “May the hinges of our friendship never grow rusty.”

The April dinner meeting brought out many Legionaries of Post 59 to hear the many programs and events about to carry it all toward the American Legion State and National conventions. Topic of conversations taking place was the schedule leading up to and including the "Tyler Park and General Lee" activities of which there are many. Other tables however were not over looked as the nominating committee were seen talking to members for the 2016/17 slate of Post officers to be voted on in May when the dinner bell rang and assistant Chaplain Sam Hall began dinner prayer.

The business meeting opened at 7:30 by Commander Mike Beasley and requested Chaplin Hall to lead the group in prayer for those in attendance and all Veterans. Commander Beasley asked the body to give a round of applause for a great dinner cooked and served by the Post kitchen committee and then continued with the business meeting. Past Post Commander John E. McNamara was asked to sit in for Adjutant K. Ray Jackson who was absent.

Commander began the meeting by requesting the Roll call of officers. On completion he began by asking the officers for their activity reports. Finance officer Eric Sinclair reported on the bills paid and pending. The membership count was also given by Eric and the need to acquire those who have not renewed to contact him or for someone to contact them. John Core chairman of Boys State and Oratorical committees reported that 4 Boys have requested to be chosen for Boys State and a possibility of a person for the Sate Trooper program. Donald Johnson building and grounds is working on a new sign for the post out front that will assist veterans driving by to know where we are located and perhaps usher in new members.

Under new business the list of the new officers for 2016/2017 were presented to the body by the nominating committee. The final vote will take place at the May business meeting. Those wishing to challenge or apply can contact the nominating committee Ray Stone or John E. McNamara, 890-0753, 897-4373 before the May fifth business meeting. To all men and women veterans we challenge you to use the same tel. numbers and become a member of Post 59 an active and modern veteran and community organization, we do what we are asked to do.

Oscar Harris post 59 Senior Vice Commander reported on the progress of Tyler Park and the up coming memorial. Mr. Harris also discussed the veterans, all veterans, a free complete breakfast including grits held at Legion Post 59 home on Jonesboro Rd. Dunn on June 11th at 8:00 am.

Commander Beasley reminded every one of the May 7 Vietnam Veterans memorial to be held at the Airborne Museum in Fayetteville. Contact Robbie Hardison at 892-3590 for information.

Mr. Beasley drew the name of Paul Perry for attendance not being present he will receive a free dinner at the next meeting. Closing the meeting was Chaplin Sam Hall with prayer and Salute to our Flag by the Commander.


March 3, 2016

Commanders Award !

Commanders Award !

Ray Stone, John E. McNamara, Mike Beasley

American Legion Post 59 Dunn celebrated the 97th American Legion Birthday at the March monthly dinner meeting. On completion of opening ceremonies service officer Ray Stone stepped up to the podium. After a number of accolades feathered with laughter... Ray Stone read the name John E. McNamara on the plaque he was holding. Past post Commander McNamara was asked to approach the podium. Commander Beasley and Ray Stone read the inscriptions on the Commanders award. All present stood up and applauded. Mr. McNamara thanked them all for the honor.

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January 1, 2016

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year !

Have a safe New Year !