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December 14, 2013

AL Post #59 Christmas Party

AL Post #59 Christmas Party

Shirley Parrish, Gillian McNamara, Debbie Kelley

American Legion Post 59 Dunn completed the last business meeting of 2013 with their annual Christmas party. Dinner of steak, potatoes and salad prepared by Legionnaires with desert provided by the Ladies post 59 Auxiliary members was served .

Following dinner First Vice Commander Oscar Harris Presided over the years final meeting in the absence of Post Commander John E. McNamara who recently attained injuries in a tripping accident and is home convalescing. Sr. Vice reported that the meeting for the members participating in the shrubbery planting at the Habitat for Humanity home for a Veteran and his family sponsored by Post 59 will be held Tuesday December 17. Sr. Vice Harris introduced John "Mac" McNamara who had a message from his father Post Commander McNamara, extending greetings and warm wishes to all and a Merry Christmas, sorry he could not attend.

The drawing and winner for the handmade quilt presented by the Ladies Auxiliary was Angela Smith. Oscar suspended the remainder of the meeting to begin the entertainment.

Department Commander and member Eric Sinclair introduced singer entertainer Debbie Kelley. Ms Kelley is a teacher at Triton High school and recently sang at the lights of Love ceremony for Cancer Survivors November 25th… Shirley Parrish was the Pianist for the evening sing along. During the evening Ms. Kelley did a duo with Gillian McNamara daughter of Legionnaire John McNamara and Granddaughter of post Commander. Gillian is a member of the Post 59 Junior Ladies Auxiliary and a former post Poppy Queen .


November 23, 2013

Harnett County Habitat for Humanity

Harnett County  Habitat for Humanity home in Cameron

Habitat Site

Harnett County  Habitat for Humanity home in Cameron

L-R Kneeling  Ray Stone, Jeff Stewart, David Knowles, Frank Stancil
L-R Standing  A.B. Parker, Carroll Byrd, Henry Turlington, Eric Sinclair, James Holder, Oscar Harris.

Post 59 Dunn, began a partnership with the Harnett County Habitat for Humanity organization in December 2012. The coordinated effort began in January 2013 to find one or more Veterans to meet the requirements needed to occupy a Habitat home. Hank Bernd an Iraqi veteran was one of the many Veterans interviewed by Post Commander John E. McNamara, not shown, he was later chosen by Habitat Chair Bill Cunningham, not shown. Following a complete board review Hank and family were chosen for the first home. The home is located in Cameron and is almost complete. On Tuesday December 17th members of Dunn Post 59 and Habitat for Humanity met with landscaper Randy Maillot. Post 59 made arrangements to purchase and install the new shrubbery. Frank Stancil NC American Legion state Adjutant Raleigh was on hand to assist. A second Veteran has recently been approved and ground breaking is to start soon.

County Habitat chairman Bill Cunningham, Dunn Mayor Oscar Harris and Post 59 Commander John E. McNamara recently inspected the building and grounds of a Harnett County Habitat for Humanity home in Cameron. Accompanying the trio was Maillot landscaping who will provide the landscaping and shrubs courtesy of American Legion Post 59 of Dunn. US Army Veteran Hank Bernd and family will occupy the home on completion. Post 59 worked in partnership with Harnett County Habitat to locate a Veteran in need of a family home. Commander McNamara and chairman Cunningham interviewed many needy Veterans before selecting veteran Bernd.


November 11, 2013

American Legion members participated in the Cotton festival

AL Post #59 at the Dunn, NC Cotton Festival

Post Commander John E. McNamara and Sherrill Bass

Post Commander John E. McNamara and Sherrill Bass assistant finance officer were among the many Post 59 members that manned and attended the American Legion booth at this years Cotton festival.


October 30, 2013

American Legion NC State Fall Conference

American Legion NC State Fall Conference

L-R Sandy Gareton, Eric Sinclair, James Holder, Marian McNamara

The American Legion NC State fall conference was recently held at the North Hilton in Raleigh. The Campbell University display was a first for the Legion conference. Sara Gareton was the University representative for the two day conference. Post 59 Commander John E. McNamara with the assistance of Tristan Scott, not present, director of the University Student Veterans group, were instrumental in acquiring the booth. Post 59 Delegates to the conference were Former Dept. Cmdr. Eric Sinclair Budget committee , James Holder Oratorical Division Chair. Post Auxiliary Marian McNamara, not shown, Shirley Sinclair, Sherrill Bass Rehabilitation committee and Commander McNamara Public Relations Committee.


October 13, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Department Commander Patricia Harris, Department Historian Larry Rozier

Department Historian — Larry Rozier
Department Commander — Patricia Harris

American Legion Division III meeting was recently held at Dunn Post 59 Jonesboro road. Sandwiches, fixings, cookies, soda and tea was served. Post Commander John E, McNamara opened the meeting with a welcome to the 40 plus members and officers that were present. Commander McNamara then turned the meeting over to Division Commander Bob Barker. In attendance were this years NC Department Commander Patricia Harris, Department and former National Historian Larry Rozier, former Department Commanders, Richard Neville, Cary McMasters, our own Eric Sinclair and Department Judge Advocate Gaither Keener. Also in attendance were Division and District commanders and nine Post 59 members. Meeting discussion centered on acquiring new members needed to continue work for Veterans and community projects.


October 11, 2013

Meeting Minutes

American Legion Post 59 members enjoyed a dinner cooked and served by Service officer Ray stone and oratorical chair James Holder. Chaplin Turlington's invocation prior to dinner was not only a blessing for the food but for those men and woman still in harms way in foreign lands.

Following dinner at seven thirty PM Commander John E. McNamara opened the business portion of the monthly meeting. A salute to the flag and then the Chaplin again said a prayer on behalf of all Veterans and the recent loss of Post 59 member Erwin's C. Treadway. POW/MIA, Pledge of allegiance and the preamble followed. Before continuing McNamara asked for a thank you cooks, for a great meal.

Commander read the minutes of the last meeting for vacationing Adjutant Ken Ray Jackson. The minutes included the "All American Presentation," Boys Sate, Girls Sate and Trooper participants with their families as guests.

Finance officer Eric Sinclair reported on membership. Eric said the Post is at 50 % on membership renewals and asked those who have not yet renewed to do as soon as possible. Membership in any organization is its life line. These are trying times and all Veterans need to stand together as one in order to assist all Veterans and their communities.

Service officer Ray Stone reported on Irvin Warren's Washington Tripp November 7-8 is filled. Thirty one veterans and their helpers have signed up with a majority of WW II veterans from all Harnett County areas topping the number. Christmas party dates were discussed and the final date will be posted later.

Commander reported on the posts scholarships, 4 students have already received there first semester payments that are sent to their respective colleges. Post 59 maintains 4 scholarships annually the money is donated through the annual reverse drawing held each year in March. Tickets will soon be mailed and distributed. Donation for the tickets also gives the holder two free steak dinners.

McNamara reported on the VA Fayetteville medical team that will be on hand at the post from 10AM until 2PM November 8 to talk to all Veterans. Radio Station WPYB who has assisted us in the past will assist us again with this VA endeavor. WPYB received a round of applause for their continued support.

In other reports, October 24-26 the annual winter conference will take place at the Raleigh Hilton. We will be at the Cotton Festival on November second and help is needed. November 6 at 2PM the veterans court at the County court house will open with ceremony. November 10 the Veterans Day ceremony at the General Lee Museum is at 2PM, guest speaker will be Congresswoman Renee Ellmers. Ground has been broken for the Habitat for Humanity home for veteran Hank Bernd and family.

Thanks to Habitat County chairman Bill Cunningham and Commander McNamara representing the American Legion Post 59 Dunn.

Dennis Starling's name was drawn not being present he is eligible for a free dinner at the next meeting November 7. Men and women veterans are needed to continue Veteran and Community projects. Please contact Commander John E. McNamara 910-897-4373


September 23, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Steak and baked potato may have started the September 5th Ladies night meeting off with flair but it didn't stop. What followed was a tribute to the all American City, "Dunn" by First vice Commander and Mayor Oscar Harris who explained the event complete with video of the days activities and winning conclusion.

We then had the privilege to honor the young men and woman that were chosen to attend girls and boys state, also a young man whom attended Trooper School. The students were accompanied by some very proud parents. Those who did not attend missed a great dinner meeting.

We have an active schedule ahead starting with October 3rd our next meeting date. We need all the participation we can acquire, try to make it. On October 8th from 1000 to 2400 hours A VA medical team from the Fayetteville medical ctr. will be on hand to answer questions and sign up new applicants.

The executive meeting is on October 10th and the winter conference is the 24th thru 26 at the Raleigh Hilton. November 2nd we will have a tent at the Cotton festival members are needed to man the tent. November 6th at 2pm the new Veterans Court will open at the County court house in Lillington. November 7th is the regular meeting.

November 10th is our annual special event "Veterans Day" sponsored by the General Lee Museum, Legion and VFW and everyone are welcome. Oscar Harris will be Master of Ceremonies and the guest speaker will be Congresswoman Renee Ellmers a friend to the 11,000 plus veterans in Harnett County.

Please send in your dues, you are the legion, you made it happen and only you can keep it strong!!

"If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."Ronald Reagan.

Don't forget to bring in your (POP TOPS) for Ronald McDonald House!!!


September 19, 2013

The Perky Presbies

The Perky Presbies

L-R Edward Lewis, John E. McNamara, Hilda Lewis

A senior group of men and women called the Perky Presbies held an afternoon dinner on 9/11 in honor of that faithful day. Dinner was held at the First Presbyterian Church No. Park St. Dunn. Guest speaker was American Legion Post 59 Commander John E. McNamara of Erwin. A guest pianist and singer played and sang Patriotic songs.


September 16, 2013

2012 Post 59 Legionnaire Of The Year

James Holder - 2012 Post 59 Legionnaire Of The Year

L-R "Legionnaire Of The Year" James Holder, Commander John E. McNamara

Prior to serving dinner permanent prints of the Preamble were distributed to the tables so those new to the Preamble could follow after the Pledge of Allegiance. The Preamble has been the "Beacon Light," for the American Legion for 90 years. It was amended only once when the word "War" was pluralized with an "S"! Chaplain H. A. Turlington followed with the dinner prayer.

Dinner consisted of Steak, baked potato, rolls and a variety of deserts mostly made by the Post Ladies Auxiliary. Cooks and servers were Former Department Commander, Eric Sinclair, Ray Stone service officer and James Holder Oratorical chair.

Post Commander John E. McNamara called for order by asking for a thank you for a fine dinner and the cooks that prepared it. The Commander then opened the business meeting calling for a salute to the Flag, continuing with Chaplains prayer, tribute to the POW/MIA and the Preamble. The Commander explained the regular meeting would be postponed to a later date to make time for the special meeting. The Commander Introduced Louise Gagich President of the Ladies Auxiliary and she explained the task the ladies put forth helping Veterans. Tristan Scott and his wife Ashley were recognized, Tristan is a new member and attending his first meeting as a member.

Before the special evening began the Commander gave an elongated serious fun filled introduction about member James Holder Division Chair of the Oratorical contest and presented James with a certificate as 2012 Legionnaire of the year for his work and dedication.

The special activities for the evening began with a video presentation of the "Dunn All American City" award explained by Mayor Oscar Harris.

Following the video, honor went to the young men and women chosen and attended Sate Legion programs, Boys State and Girls State as well as A young man chosen for State Trooper program. They were each given the opportunity to explain their individual experiences. Their families proudly accompanied them for the dinner meeting.

Commander McNamara asked for an over all applause for a great dinner and social gathering and reminded Legionaries the next meeting is October 3RD... Chaplain Turlington issued a closing prayer and with a salute the Commander closed the meeting. Men and women veterans are needed to continue the Veteran and community programs post 59 continues to provide. Call Commander McNamara 897-4373. On October 8TH from 10AM -2PM the Post 59 Home will be hosting a VA Medical question, answer and sign up fair for all Veterans. Fayetteville VA medical personnel will be on hand.


September 14, 2013

Campbell University - Student Veterans

Campbell University Student Veterans at CU Football

Campbell University Student Veterans at CU Football

Campbell University Student Veterans hosted a "Veterans Day" like event at this Saturday's football game.

The group consists of the newly formed Campbell University Student Veterans Association at a football tailgate party. The University honored Veterans that day. Other Veterans joined as the day progressed we were honored with great food, camaraderie, free tickets for Veterans and family, front row free seats, making an on field entrance thru player tunnel and stood on each side of center field as the players came thru the tunnel. There were men and woman Veterans from Bragg and camp Lejeune and a one star Marine General tossed the coin.


September 12, 2013

American Legion Post 59 Auxiliary

American Legion Post 59 Auxiliary

L-R Marian McNamara, Magdalene West, Doris Tyndall, Gwen Murray, Trello Sills, Macie Kock, Linda James, Ruby Brewer, Eneare Collins.
Shirley Sinclair, Gladys Pope, Louise Gagich.

American Legion Post 59 Auxiliary members are raising money for the many projects they take part in each year. The large quilt was hand made by Gladys Pope.


August 6, 2013

Dinner/Business Meeting

Commander John E. McNamara opened the business meeting at 7:30 following dinner prepared and served by post members Donald Johnson, Robert Camp and James Holder. The Commander opened with a salute to the colors and prayers led by Post Chaplin H.A. Turlington. The continued opening contained the POW/MIA remembrance, the pledge of allegiance and the all important preamble a Legionnaires promise.

The new 2013-2014 Post Adjutant Kenneth Ray Jackson was introduced by the Commander and was asked for a roll call of officers. The Adjutant read the minutes of the previous executive meeting and passed over the last regular but light meeting that was held on July Fourth. Robert Camp was introduced as the incoming 2nd Vice Commander.

District 13 Commander Bill Manshack was introduced to the members present as a guest speaker and he proceeded to thank the post for the work they do and the support given to him through the 2012-2013 year. Bill had just been voted District 13 Cmdr. again for the 2013-2014 prior to the recent convention.

Membership chair Eric Sinclair reported the membership renewals and payments were coming in slow but steady. Membership is the bond that cements the post for the solid foundation that supports Veterans programs and the communities they live in.

James Holder Oratorical Chairman reported all systems go dates and information will soon be announced. Two years past Post 59 had a young man, a junior; go all the way to the National competition. All young men and women under age 20 enrolled in grades 9 thru 12 are eligible.

Service officer Ray Stone reminded all present that WWII veterans will again have an opportunity to see the War memorials in Washington thanks to Dunn's own Irvin Warren of Warren's National and International Oil co. The date for the free trip is November 7 & 8 contact Ray at 890 0753 to sign up.

Commander McNamara reported the post news flyer is in the works and will be mailed soon to each legionnaire on the member list. First vice Commander and Mayor Oscar Harris has offered to oversee the news flyer and mailing. The Commander also asked for help in the post tent at the cotton festival and other needed assistance for veterans and community projects.

Don Woods name was drawn in the monthly attendance drawing not present he will have a free meal at the next meeting.

Men and women Veterans are needed to continue the work Legionnaires' do for veterans and the many Community projects that include scholarships, flag etiquette, Habitat for Humanity to name a few. For an application please contact Cmdr. John E. McNamara 897-4373 or Contact Us. Meetings are the first Thursday of each month.


August 4, 2013

Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Eagle Scout Dylan Robert Blackburn Troop 55

L-R Brenda Blackburn (Mother), Eagle Scout Dylan Robert Blackburn, John E. McNamara (Commander),
Kevin Blackburn, (Father and Asst. Scoutmaster), Logan Blackburn (Brother)

Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Troop 55 August 4, 2013 at Shady Grove Church Route 55, Spivey's Corner NC.

"Build me a son O Lord", the first six words of a "Fathers Prayer" written by General McArthur in 1952. Kevin's Fathers prayer was fulfilled in the first week of August when Son Dylan Robert Blackburn received the highest Boy Scout rank attainable, the Eagle Medal and Badge. Following the opening ceremonies Scoutmaster Hank Purvis lead the troop 55 Honor Guard followed by assistant Scoutmaster and Dylan's Father Kevin Blackburn who spoke on the significance of the famed award. The remainder of the ceremony being held before one Hundred and forty family members and friends were Dylan's varied awards. Two such awards, the American Legion award of merit was presented by Legionnaire Post 59 Dunn Commander John E. McNamara, who is also an officer in VFW Post 6767 Dunn presented the Veterans of Foreign Wars recognition award. Benediction and retiring the colors concluded the ceremony.


July 9, 2013

Walmart Grand Re-Opening Dedication

Walmart Grand Re-Opening Flag Raising

Walmart Grand Re-Opening Flag Raising
L-R John E. McNamara — Roger Ivey

American Legion Post 59 Dunn had the privilege of being a part of the recent 25th Anniversary celebration and grand re-opening of Dunn- Erwin Wal-mart Super center. Colors were presented by Post 59 Commander John E. McNamara and District 13 Vice Commander Roger Ivey Post 28.


June 27, 2013

2013 Legion Convention Delegates

2013 Legion Convention Delegates

2013 Legion Convention Delegates
Standing L-R Sherrill Bass — Bill Manshack — Eric Sinclair — seated Roger Ivey.

Members of American Legion Post 59 Dunn recently attended the 2012/2013 American Legion State Convention in Raleigh at the Raleigh Hilton hotel.

Post 59 Member delegates attending the convention were, Post Commander John E. McNamara, Former Department Commander Eric Sinclair, Post officers Sherrill Bass and James Holder.

Post 59 is in District 13 and pictured above is Bill Manshack District 13 Commander from Angier and Vice Commander Roger Ivey of Lillington both re-elected.

Also attending the convention and Ladies Auxiliary meeting were delegates Shirley Sinclair and Marian McNamara.


June 15, 2013

American Legion State convention

The 2012/2013 American Legion State convention ended yesterday June 15, 2013 with delegates voting in a new State Commander. The new Commander is a qualified leader who is hoping to guide the Legion into a new dawn and brighter future. The new 2013/2014 Department Commander Is veteran and Legionnaire Patricia Harris a young Black woman with excellent qualifications that will help her serve well. She has worked through every step available from a variety of post positions, through District, Division and liaison to Washington to name a few. Post 59 was one of the many posts with delegates in attendance that supported this candidate. There are over 300 posts in NC… On behalf of post 59 we wish Pat well and success through out her term with Gods blessings.


June 5, 2013

Officer Installation

AL Post#59 Commander John E. McNamara

AL Post 59 Commander
John E. McNamara

A stormy, rainy night did not deter Post 59 Legionnaires, Auxiliary members and guests from attending June ladies night and the 2013 2014 installation of officers. The Commander opened by asking Chaplain Turlington for a prayer prior to dinner being served. A complete dinner was cooked and served by Post veterans and pastry was donated by the post ladies auxiliary.

Commander McNamara opened the meeting with a salute to the colors, a prayer by the Chaplain followed by POW/MIA honor, Pledge of Allegiance and the Legion Preamble. Commander introduced the guests Tristan and Ashley Scott. Tristan is Vice President of the student Veterans University Council at Campbell University.

Commander McNamara welcomed all who attended and asked the group to give the cooks a round of applause. He said the usual meeting items, issues will be delivered at the next meeting, due to the time allotted for the installation. One item of importance mentioned before installing officers were the names of those students chosen to receive scholarships from Triton. Amber Jordan Jackson, Oscar Alexander Whitman and 40 & 8 Qswana Lashun McDowell nursing.

The Commander turned the meeting over to Eric Sinclair former State Department Commander to install officers for the new year. Commander John E. McNamara,1st vice Commander, Oscar Harris, Jr. vice Commander David Ivey, Adjutant Ray Jackson, Finance Officer Eric Sinclair, Assistant Sherrill Bass, Chaplain H.A. Turlington, Sergeant at arms (3) George Tart, Richmond Carpenter, James Holder, Judge Advocate Caroll Byrd, Historian Mike Johnson, Bldg. & Grounds Donald Johnson, Service officer Ray Stone. Other positions include, Scholarship Chair John E McNamara, Boys state James Holder & George Tart. Trustees Donald Johnson, Ray Stone, Roy Thornton, Sherrill Bass & Eric Sinclair. All officers were sworn in and greeted by applause from those present.

Eric Sinclair then turned the meeting over to 2013 2014 2nd term Commander, John McNamara who took over and thanked everyone for their continued support and trust.

He explained the great year all members of post 59 accomplished. We all have reason to celebrate with pride in an exceptional year starting with a beautiful web site ( ) created by legionnaire John W. McNamara, the commander's son.

I thank the Board, the 200 plus members, the Ladies Auxiliary and all who work on behalf of veterans, especially in our Community. We thank the opportunity to work & be a part of our community.

A reminder to all the Convention in Raleigh at the Hilton will be June 13, 14 & 15. Legion College July 13 & 14 in Clemmons. Nat'l Convention Houston Texas, August 23-29.

Commander asked the Chaplain for prayer and the meeting was closed.


June 6, 2013

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June 3, 2013

Veterans Breakfast

Veterans Breakfast

Veterans Breakfast
L-R Frank Stancil (NC Dept. Adjutant) — Oscar Harris (Post 59 Sr. Vice commander and Mayor of Dunn) — John E. McNamara (Post 59 Commander) — Mike Beachy (Campbell University student Veterans President) — Tristan Scott (Campbell University student Veterans Vice President)

At eight AM on June First Post 59 commander John E. McNamara welcomed the breakfast crowd that had gathered at the American Legion home on Jonesboro Rd. in Dunn. WWII veteran H.A. Turlington Post 59 Chaplain led the group in prayer before opening the Annual Memorial Veterans free breakfast buffet sponsored by the General Lee Museum association, cooked and served by Post member Veterans.

While the breakfast was winding down Commander McNamara led the Veterans in a salute to the colors and the Pledge of Allegiance. He recited a poem "I did it for you" by Wendy Dawn and "Listen to my Tears" by a local Army National Guard veteran written in 2006.

Commander McNamara introduced Mayor Oscar Harris who is a member of the General Lee commission to speak on their behalf, followed by Adjutant Frank Stancil speaking for Department Veteran Legionnaires.

Guess speakers for the breakfast were President Michael Beachy and Vice President Tristan Scott of Campbell University Student Veterans group. The organization though relatively new assists the transition between Iraq/Afghanistan and the College or University of choice. The change could be daunting for most discharges so the group makes it manageable.


May 29, 2013

The Blue Star Memorial

Blue Star Memorial

Blue Star Memorial
L to R — Placing the floral wreath were, WWII Veterans, Legionnaire Henry A. Turlington and VFW Carroll Underwood. Garden Club Members that removed the shroud, Eloise Warren, Dorothy Warren.

American Legion Post 59 and VFW Post 6767 of Dunn recently had the privilege of participating in a Blue Star Memorial Dedication Ceremony on May 25th. at Spivey's Corner. Just-A-Mere Garden club members sponsored the Memorial.

Dunn American Legion and VFW members in attendance were, Sherrill Bass, James Holder, Larry Watkins, Ken Ray Jackson, John E. McNamara, Eric Sinclair, Richmond Carpenter, Carroll Underwood and H.A. Turlington. In attendance and representing Dunn Post 59 ladies Auxiliary Marian McNamara.

In March 1942 The Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc was born. The star represents each living service member man or women. It was open to any woman with a son or daughter in the Armed forces. On December 13, 2011 a resolution was signed allowing all mothers, foster guardian and more to become members and remove any references to any specific conflict. The group holds a Congressional charter.


May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived. ~ George S. Patton

What is a Veteran?



May 22, 2013

Warning: SCAM on Veterans Payments!!


I just discovered that there is an active scam on veteran payments. One of the residents here at Ft. Dodge approached me about a text message they received from the “VA” asking them to call a toll free number and confirm their bank account information. The veteran called them and was told that there is a problem processing their payment…could you please provide your account information. Luckily the veteran said no and that he did not have that information available which is why he came to my office. I told him the VA doesn’t do that.

I contacted Muskogee (Direct Deposit Enrollment Center) and they confirmed that they were experiencing that same problem since early Monday. Veterans and spouses had been giving their information over the phone to whoever this is and I’m assuming that they are stopping payment on these accounts until a new account is established. I thought it would be a good time to let everyone know that this is active and to tell your veterans that the VA does not text anyone, nor do they request banking information over the phone!!! This is one very important reason why veterans need to contact us whenever there is any kind of correspondence with the VA.

I also assume that this is because of the VA’s effort to get all veterans enrolled in direct deposit, so please be aware.

Ronald W Friess
Veterans Services Representative
Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs

Information forwarded by:

Daniel S. Wheeler
National Adjutant


May 16, 2013

American Legion Post #59 Monthly Meeting Minutes

American Legion Post 59 executive board recently met to finalize plans for the Posts Free Annual Memorial Veterans breakfast.

Board members present included; John E. McNamara, Eric Sinclair, Sherrill Bass, Richmond Carpenter, James holder, Mike Johnson, Donald Johnson and Ray Stone. Commander McNamara opened the meeting to discuss the Annual free breakfast as a toast to all Veterans in memory of those who have paid the ultimate price. It is also a gathering of Brother and Sister Veterans who can gather together in the camaraderie and fellowship Veterans have been a part of.

The Commander announced the speakers following breakfast are Army Veteran Michael Beachy and Marine Veteran and club President Tristan Scott of the Campbell University Student Veterans Club formed last year.  Boasting of 53 members seven of which are civilian, the group has recently raised funds for the recent Relay of Life; work with local high schools on there ROTC programs. They have become a cohesive force within the University for a Veterans transition from Military uniform to cap and Gown.

The Annual Breakfast is free to all Veterans said Eric Sinclair, from WWII to Afghanistan and all in between confirmed by the board members present. Donald Johnson asked for volunteers to begin preparations at five AM.

The breakfast includes scrambled eggs, sausages, hash browns, grits, toast, coffee and juice, cooked and served by veterans for veterans. Mark your calendar; Saturday June First at eight AM at the Post Legion home on Jonesboro road Dunn, NC…


May 3, 2013

American Legion Post #59 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Six WWII Veterans

Six WWII Veterans
L to R — Wallace Parker, Joseph Warren, Tom Stewart, Keith Finch, H.A.Turlington & Roy Tart

Following prayer by post Chaplain H. A. Turlington members of American Legion Post 59 Dunn were treated to pork chops, potatoes and green beans to open the posts May dinner/business meeting. To the delight of all present, dinners were cooked and served by members Donald Johnson and Robert Camp.

Commander John E. McNamara opened the meeting with a salute to our colors, opening statement, prayer by Chaplain Turlington and concluding by honoring the MIA/POW empty chair, pledge of allegiance and Legion preamble.

Prior to the regular meeting two guests were introduced and asked to say a few words, Donald Bridges who is running for NC State Department Commander and his assistant James Irvin. Issues were discussed and pamphlets were distributed.

The cooks received a round of applause for a fine dinner and Adjutant Robert Camp issued the call of officers and read the minutes of the last executive meeting. In the absence of Finance officer Eric Sinclair the financial and membership report was given by Sherrill Bass. All bills paid and membership remains the same.

The Commander reported on behalf of Boys State Chairman James Holder who is currently convalescing at Betsy Johnson Hospital. Eric Sinclair brought the paper work for four boys to the department on time to get them registered. The legion has four for Boys State and post 59 Ladies auxiliary also has to register for Girls State. On occasion there have been twins but this is a first for the Legion, Dunn has "Triplets" two of the boys and one of the girls. The flag donation and ceremony for an Erwin elementary school has been postponed, date to be announced.

Service officers Ray Stone reported that no definitive date has been set for the Irvin Warren trip to Washington. Donald Johnson Building & Grounds reported on new rails built on the rear deck & steps.

Commander and Scholarship chair McNamara reported that 3 scholarships are open this year two general for the Legion and one Nursing for the "40 & 8" a group within the organization. He also requested members to attend a Blue Star Flag memorial at the Spivey's Corner fire station on May 25th at ten AM. The memorial is being placed and sponsored by the Spivey Corner Garden club.

Habitat for Humanity in conjunction with Dunn Post 59 has successfully acquired a Habitat home for a Veteran; there are still lots available for Veterans to apply for. If you know of a Veteran in need; Contact Us.

The name Ronnie Pope was drawn not being present he is entitled to a free dinner at the next meeting. The nomination for the 2013/2014 officers reported by Stone in last month's write up, were accepted and approved.

Before closing Commander McNamara honored six members present at the meeting and all six members listed in the picture Joseph, Wallace, Tom, Keith, H.A and Roy are WWII veterans. Everyone stayed for pictures and applause.

The meeting was adjourned; Chaplain said prayer and a salute to the colors ended the meeting on a high note. Events to follow, District meeting May 13 at 12PM, June 1st 8PM Post annual free full breakfast for all veterans and State convention June 12 thru 15 general sessions 14th & 15th...



April 12, 2013

American Legion Post #59 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Legionnaires turned out in force for the April dinner business meeting and were treated to a steak and baked potato feast. Dinner was prepared and served by Ken Jackson, James holder, assisted by Ray Stone and Donald Johnson.

Commander John E. McNamara opened the meeting with a salute to the Flag followed by Post Chaplain H.A. Turlington's opening prayer. The Commander then recognized the POW/ MIA Flag, pledge of Allegiance and the Legions preamble.

Commander McNamara introduced two guests, Bill Mancheck District Commander and Greg Trumpfheller who is interested in becoming a member. The district Commander was given the floor to thank Post 59 for all the work they do and to announce his candidacy to remain district leader. Greg gave a brief personal history.

McNamara took the roll call for officers and read the minutes of the last executive meeting in the absence of the Post adjutant. He commented on the wonderful March meeting and the 140 plus that attended Irvin Warren night and fed BBQ pork chops to everyone's delight and with out a hitch. The reverse drawing which assists the scholarship program among other community & Veteran programs was a successful event as well.

James holder chairman of the Boys State and Student Trooper programs explained all is going well and a young man from Triton Hunter Wiseman has been accepted in the trooper program. James also mentioned the post is donating a flag to the Erwin elementary school and a presentation is in the works the date and time will be forth coming. Applications for both Boys State and Student Trooper programs are still available.

Scholarship chair McNamara reported that the scholarship funds are steady and the post continues to four scholarships each year every year . This year do to a young person finishing early there are two available.

In unfinished business a spaghetti dinner was discussed and is still in the planning stages. The post is eagerly trying to acquire a veteran for Habitat for Humanity. Commander McNamara and Bill Cunningham of Habitat have been working with various organizations looking for Veterans handicapped or low income in need of a family home.

First Vice Commander Oscar Harris spoke on the possibility of Dunn becoming an all American city and is currently in the running. Harris also spoke on behalf of the joint association between Post 59 and Habitat for Humanity in their search for a veteran in need of housing.

Service officer and nominating committee chair Ray Stone has been working on the nominations for the 2013/2014 officers. The Chair and the committee have announced the following as candidates, Commander John E. McNamara, First Vice Cmdr. Oscar Harris, Second Vice Cmdr. David Ivey, Adjutant Kenneth Ray Jackson, Finance Officer Eric Sinclair, Assistant Sherrill Bass, Chaplain H. A. Turlington, Sergeant at Arms (3) George Tart, Richmond Carpenter, James Holder, Judge Advocate Carroll Byrd, Historian Mike Johnson, Building & Grounds Donald Johnson, Scholarship Chair John E. McNamara, service officer Ray Stone, Boys State & Youth activities James Holder, Asst. George Tart and Web Master for; website John W. McNamara. Nominations will be presented for approval at the May meeting for a June induction.

Meeting closed at 8:15 the name of Charles Fountain picked in the attendance drawing not presents he is entitled to a free dinner at the next meeting. Meetings are the first Thursday of each month. For Info. contact Service officer Ray Stone 910-892-2696 or Contact Us


April 10, 2013

American Legion Post #59 Student Trooper Program

Student Trooper Program: Hunter C. Wiseman

Triton High School Junior Hunter C. Wiseman

American Legion Dunn Post 59 Student Trooper Program chairman  James Holder  announced Triton High School Junior Hunter C. Wiseman has  been selected for the Trooper program. Hunter is the son of Kenneth and Heidi Wiseman of Dunn, NC… He is an A/B honor student and has been selected to be this years Marshall for the senior class. The young man is also a Master sergeant in Tritons JROTC.  Father and mother both have law enforcement backgrounds. Kenneth is a retired Fayetteville Lieutenant   Police officer and Heidi  served as a Dunn Police sergeant and is now with the State Highway Patrol.  

The nineteenth session of the North Carolina Student Trooper Program will be held at the North Carolina Highway Patrol Training Center in Raleigh during the week of June 23 through 28, 2013.  50 Junior or Senior students who have completed the year successfully can be accommodated  at the facility.

Deadline for the program is May 30, 2013 and  applications may be obtained by contacting Legionnaire James Holder at 910-694-6685.



March 2, 2013

Post #59 hosts BSA Troop 780 - Eagle Court Of Honor for Jacob Currin

Jake Currin: Eagle Court Of Honor

Pic L-R Mike Currin (ASM), Mac McNamara (CC), Jody Currin
Jake Currin (T780 Eagle), Cody Currin (T780 Eagle)

Post 59 hosted the Eagle ceremony for Jacob "Jake" Currin son of Mike & Jody Currin of Erwin. Cody Currin, Jakes brother is also a Troop 780 Eagle scout. Legion Post Commander John E. McNamara and former Troop 780 Chairman welcomed the Families and Guests on behalf of the post and spoke of times he had the privilege of working with Jake.

Assistant Scoutmaster Mike Currin guided most of the ceremony until the awards and pinning. Mikes son Cody assisted in the pinning. Scoutmaster McNamara using the ceremony sword Knighted Jake and presented him with the Eagle neckerchief. The final project to achieve Eagle was the design and guidance in building a handicap ramp attached to the Legion Home. Jake is also active in the FFA and has a ketchup, "Jakes Crazy Ketchup" on the market.

Following the Eagle award Mayor Oscar Harris presented Jake with a proclamation certificate and a US flag that flew above the Capitol. Ray Stone was on hand to congratulate Jake representing the Post 6767 VFW that helped in sponsoring the troop. All in attendance were invited to stay for dinner by Mike and Jody and treated to dinner prepared by Red Barn and served by Jody Currin.


February 25, 2013

Harnett County Habitat for Humanity

240 members of American Legion Post 59 Dunn, NC are working in partnership with the Harnett County Habitat for Humanity, we are seeking out eligible Veterans to apply for a home in Harnett County.



February 9, 2013

American Legion High School Student Oratorical Scholarship competition

American Legion High School Student Oratorical Scholarship competition

Pic L-R Commander Division III Jerry Mangum, Contestants Taylor A. Coble, Jonathan "Jay" Elliot,
Patrick N. Spain, Alexander Werden, Oratorical Officer Greta Creighton


On February 9th American Legion Post 116 in Fuquay Varina was recently the setting for the local High School Students Divisional Oratorical contest. Many Legionaries, families and representatives were on hand to enjoy high school boys & girls representing their schools, peers and their Country.


The US Constitution and one of 5 choice amendments. Each competitor must complete a speech of eight to ten minutes without any assistance on the true meaning and value the US constitution has provided us. Second, five amendments are placed in a hat, one is drawn that requires each contestant to speak on it's behalf for three to five minutes. Outside judges are used to compile their notes and convene to a separate area, like jurors, to pick the winner.

All High School students across the US are eligible to sign up at the Legion Posts nearest their school or home. Post Competition is the beginning and first step toward finals. Next the District, Division, State and finally the National competition. The finals are held at National Legion Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and includes all the US Posts. Over a $138,000 in scholarship money is paid out annually.

Five local students made it to Division competition on the ninth of February. Drawn from the hat for each of the students for their second oration, was the controversial second amendment. Both topics are designed to demonstrate the rhetorical skills of each student.

First place winner was Patrick N. Spain, Second Place Jonathan "Jay" Elliot, Third Taylor A. Coble and Fourth Place Alexander Werden... a fifth student was unable to attend due to illness. Jay Elliot Dunn Post 59 entrant was competing for his second year having gone all the way to the Nationals in 2012.

Post 59 members attending the competition, Eric Sinclair former Department State Commander, Post Commander John E. McNamara, District Oratorical Chair James Holder and Service Officer Ray Stone. For information contact James Holder 910 694 6685 or — Contact Us.


February 15, 2013

American Legion Post 59 — February Meeting

Following prayer American Legion Post 59 dinner meeting opened at seven pm. Dinner was prepared and served by Legion member officers, Robert Camp and James Holder.

Commander John E. McNamara opened the business meeting with a salute to the flag and prayer by Carroll Byrd in the absence of post Chaplain H. A. Turlington. The pledge of allegiance and the Legion preamble were also recited prior to the roll call of officers.  Adjutant Robert Camp read the minutes of the executive meeting that included the financial and committee reports.

Finance Officer Eric Sinclair gave a complete report on the post finances, bills and paid outs.  Eric also
explained that membership dues are still coming in and the post is continuing to grow.  Members are the life line of any organization and with all the Veteran and community programs the post finances, new members are needed as well.

Bldg. and Grounds Donald Johnson reported on the reverse drawing and steak dinner Saturday evening March 09 is going well. The event is the number one supporting factor in maintaining the many programs that the post continues too finance throughout the year including four two semester college scholarships annually. Each year when one College student graduates another High School student graduate is chosen to fill the opening.

Service Officer Ray Stone who was not in attendance and the Commander, have been working on the next meeting which is the Irvin Warren Night Thursday March 7, social at 6 dinner at 7. The commander explained that a lot of work is going into the event and everything is going as planned.

All post members are asked to attend this memorable night and wear their Legion cap.

Scholarship fund chairman McNamara reported checks for all the scholarships have been mailed to the Colleges throughout the state for the spring semester.

Commander reminded the body before closing that the following dates and functions are important and would like to see a good showing. Oratorical Contest will be at the Fuquay Varina Legion Post Saturday February 9th at 10am. The sate contest March 2nd at Hickory NC… Division III meeting will be April 13th Clayton, NC… The State mid winter conference at the Raleigh Hilton February 22-23.

The name Joseph Campbell was drawn for the attendance drawing, not present he is entitled to a free dinner at the March 7th meeting. The meeting closed at 8:05.To purchase tickets for the reverse drawing and two BBQ Steak Dinners as well as information or membership applications contact Commander McNamara 910-897-4373, Ray Stone cell 910-890-0753 or — Contact Us.



January 26, 2013

Post #59 holds Oratorical contest

Alan Agosto Eagle Court Of Honor at American Legion Post #59

Contest Judges L-R: DA Vernon Stewart, Former Judge Eddie Greene, Jay Elliot Contestant
Attorney Caron Stewart, Attorney Cecil B. Jones and Buddy Maness Computer Support Specialist


American Legion Post 59 on January 26 hosted the District 13 Oratorical Contest. The contest is held each year and is one of the Legions signatory events. The contest deals primarily with the  Constitution and the Amendments something desperately needed in these trying times. The competition is open to all High School students across the Country who wish to participate. The students begin competition at the closest local Post in their area. From the post level they work up through District, Division, State and finally, National. Rewards for winning start with certificates, pins and financial rewards ending with scholarship funds winning the National.

Post Commander John E. McNamara opened the contest and welcomed Judges Attorneys Stewart, Greene, Ms. Stewart, Jones and CS Specialist Maness, Contestant Jay's Family, Legionnaires and guests. Workers and attendants included, Oratorical Chairman James Holder, Timer and service Officer Ray Stone, assistant Timer VFW 6767 Judge Advocate Robbie Hardison, door guards, Post Adjutant Robert Camp, Richmond Carpenter and Ladies Auxiliary member Marian McNamara.

The Commander turned the contest over to Chairman Holder who named the two contestants competing. From Post 59 Jay Cutler former 2012 state winner and National finalist trying for a second time and Angier Post 436 Ms Courtney Smith.

Due to an Ice storm the night before Ms. Smith was unable to attend. Former State Commander Eric Sinclair made every effort to assist in getting the contestant to the Dunn Post to no avail.

The contestants must speak without any assistance for a ten minute maximum on the US Constitution. They must then withdraw to another area while a legionnaire chooses another topic with in the constitution and picked from a hat and the contestant must speak, without aids for a maximum of five minutes. All winners and contestants then move on to the next level. The division level will be February Ninth, ten AM at Post 116 Fuquay Varina.

The judges went into a secluded room to discuss and write their findings and returned with the final approval of Jay Cutler. Members and guests were then treated to refreshments.

January 3, 2013

Post #59 January Meeting/Upcoming Events

January 3, 2013 ushered in a New Year of American Legion Post 59 dinner meetings. Dinner was prepared and served by Eric Sinclair to approximately thirty Legionnaires and their guests. Donald Johnson canteen and grounds officer hurt his ankle and was unable assist in preparations.

Commander John E. McNamara opened the first meeting of 2013 with a salute to the Flag. Chaplain H.A. Turlington followed with Prayer. Prior to reading the POW/MIA pledge Commander McNamara reminded those present that there are still 83,432 POW/MIA’s on foreign soils or in prison including all wars and so called conflicts. Over 71,000 still listed from WWII.  

Prior to the official Post meeting the meeting was turned over to James Holder Oratorical chairman to introduce the Posts Oratorical contestant from Pine Forest High School Senior Jay Elliot along with his family. Jay was a junior when he entered the contest last year, 2012, and went on to win the oratorical contests for the Post, District, Division and finally the State. The state win made him eligible to enter the Legions National competition. The topic is "The Constitution" and time allowed is ten minutes maximum. Not reaching the final three, Jay is out to try it again this year 2013.The District competition will be held January 26 at 9AM, all veterans are invited to attend.

Commander McNamara called the meeting back to order and introduced guest speaker District 13 Vice Commander Roger Ivey. Roger spoke on the many changes that are taking place in the New Year as well as what is expected from all posts across the state to include, membership, community and Veteran programs.

Donald Johnson spoke on the reverse drawing and steak dinner which is the year’s signature fund raiser to maintain the four scholarships supplied each year by the post. Tickets are available from any Legionnaire and donation is $100 dollars. The drawing prize value is $7,250.00 and the ticket entitles the holder two complete steak dinners. The drawing and dinner for two will be held at the Post on March ninth.

Senior Vice Commander Oscar Harris spoke on the next project, Habitat for Humanity. The house to be built will be available for a Veteran and family in need of a decent affordable house. Post 59 has been chosen and given the privilege to work with Habitat on finding the eligible Veteran and family. The Post has found and interviewed one veteran and his family recently retired who is eligible and has applied.

Commander McNamara on behalf of all members and veterans proudly presented the final topic on the meeting agenda. "Irwin Warren Night." At the last executive meeting it was unanimously voted to honor Irwin Warren of Warren Oil for his dedication in helping Veterans of all wars, visit the Washington Veterans Memorials. Four overnight trips by bus to Washington, DC in four consecutive years. Veterans, friends and family members were treated to an all expense paid trip four years in a row and another coming up in the fall. American Legion Post 59 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6767 have collaborated to Honor Irwin Warren on March seventh at 7pm at the Legion home in Dunn...For information on becoming a Legionnaire please call Commander McNamara at (910) 897-4373 or Join Us